While the market may find many products currently labeled as microcement, it's just simple mixtures of cement, pigment and acrylic resins, although the first days after application can be mistaken for a real microcement coating in a short time it show its weakness and lack of functionality. The Deo system of smooth MICROTEKK® microment for wall and floor, is much more. Deo is a core of special screed with careful grading curve and a selection of specific cements. Deo is a blend of new generation polymers modified with special surfactants. Deo is, in short, a smooth microment coating with a fine design but with a robust and durable soul, developed with the latest technology in coatings and tailored to the needs and stresses of everyday use.



Fields of use

  • Wallcovering.
  • Flooring.
  • Façade (imitation stone).
  • Lining shower trays.
  • Coating countertops.
  • Coating of turniture.

System description

Decorative smooth microcement system for coating walls and floors, based on two different aggregate combinations: MICROTEKK® Ground Cottage, leveling base of support and MICROTEKK® Thin Cottage, layer finish that incorporates color. Sealed with MICROTEKK® Sealant and finished with universal top coat stain proof MICROTEKK® Top suitable for all type of uses (including countertops, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) both indoors and outdoors.

Available with MICROTEKK® Anti-impact system

Technical data




Pre-measured kit


Color chart

Gloss options

Matt / Satin / Gloss

Antislip options


Open to traffic

2 h

Widths for application

2-3 mm

Compressive strength (28 days)

35 Mpa

Flexural strength (28 days)

12 Mpa

Auto flammability

No flammable

Fire resistance (EN 13501-1)