MICROTEKK® Comfort is the result of a wish: that our wall and floor coatings of smooth microcement had an added an element of comfort and energy efficiency.MICROTEKK® Comfort is the first and only smooth microcement coating with the property of ropture of thermal break. The result is microcement pavements and walls with a temperature of up to 6 ° C higher than a traditional coating, with all the benefits and aesthetic finishes of the MICROTEKK® lines. Not to mention energy efficiency leading to lower internal heat dissipation. A warm footstep for a warm cutting edge coating.



Fields of use

  • Thermal liner and decorative walls.
  • Thermal coating and decorative flooring.
  • Anti-condensation coating in warehouses.

System description

Decorative smooth microcement system for coating walls and floors, with the property of thermal break, based on two different aggregate compinations: MICROTEKK® Ground Termic, leveling base of support and MICROTEKK® Thin Termic, layer finish that incorporates color. Sealed with MICROTEKK® Sealant and finished with universal top coat MICROTEKK® Top, suitable for all types of uses (including countertops, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) both indoors and outdoors.

Disponible con sistema Available with MICROTEKK® Anti-impact system

Technical data




Pre-measured kit


Color chart

Glass options

Matt / Satin / Gloss

Antislip option


Open to traffic

2 h

Widths for applications

2-3 mm

Compressive strength (28 days)

35 Mpa

Flexual strength (28 days)

12 Mpa

Auto inflammability

No flammable

Fire resistance (EN 13501-1)